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FAQs: Your Comprehensive Guide to Winning a 2024 Radio Mercury Award

How do I win a Radio Mercury Award?

Simply enter! If you're proud of your creative broadcast radio work from January 1, 2023, or any future work up until April 22, 2024, and you want it to be recognized, make sure to include Radio Mercury Awards on your list of award competitions.

When is the deadline for entries?

The deadline is Monday, April 22, 2024.

What's new in the awards this year?

We've introduced two new awards to provide more chances for you to shine:

  • Spanish-Language Single Broadcast Radio Spot: Open to agencies, production companies, advertisers, radio stations or groups.
  • Use of Emerging Technology in Radio or Audio: Open to agencies, production companies, advertisers, radio stations or groups.

We have also refined the names of certain entry categories for better clarity. Refer to individual categories for eligibility requirements.

What remains unchanged in the Radio Mercury Awards?

Everything you love about the Radio Mercury Awards remains intact:

  • Classic categories for single broadcast radio commercials, campaigns, PSAs, local market commercials and more.
  • No late fees for entries.
  • Trophy and prize money for winners (you only pay for additional trophy copies post-event if desired).
  • Free entries for students.

What categories can agencies enter for broadcast radio work?

Based on your track record of producing standout work for your clients, check out the Agency, Production Company or Advertisers tab in the ENTRY CATEGORIES section.

What categories are available for radio stations that produced exceptional broadcast radio content?

Explore the Radio Station or Group Categories tab in the ENTRY CATEGORIES section to find the ones that suit your achievements.

Can I enter a podcast?

Certainly! Consider entering the "Branded Podcast" category.

Which category is suitable for a game-changing radio or audio?

The new "Use of Emerging Technology in Radio or Audio" category might be a perfect fit.

Can Spanish-language broadcast radio spots be entered?

Si! Enter your work in the "Spanish-Language Single Broadcast Radio Spot" category.

I have multiple broadcast radio spots; can I submit them all?

Absolutely! Choose to enter each spot individually, collectively in a campaign category or both. Refer to our guidelines for the most suitable categories.

Our spot is under :15 and really funny? Where should we enter it?

Consider multiple categories such as "Broadcast Radio Single Spot," "Use of Humor or Short Broadcast Radio Single Spot (Under :15)."

Can I submit a jingle or an original song produced for a broadcast radio commercial?

Yes! Find your spot in the "Use of Songs/Music in a Single Broadcast Radio Spot" category.

Our broadcast radio campaign is part of a larger, integrated effort-what category is suitable?

Explore the "Multi-Platform Campaign with Broadcast Radio" category.

Can I submit nonbroadcast radio spots or audio?

You can! Use the "Use of Emerging Technology in Radio or Audio" category. Note that entries here can compete for Best of Show only if broadcast radio is included - and only if they are integral to the work. Additionally, submissions that ran on both broadcast and nonbroadcast channels are welcome with proper substantiation. See our guidelines for definitions of broadcast and nonbroadcast radio.

I have more questions.

We are happy to help. Email us here or call 212-681-7212.